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Can I flush wipes down the lavatory?

Afraid not. Wipes should not be flushed, they cause havoc with water pumping equipment. Please place wipes into your household waste. Some wipes are compostable, please check packaging.

What can I not put into my Insinkerator or Macerator?

From experience we would not advise putting in egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, pasta or rice. While the unit is in use, run plenty of water through as well as afterwards for a minute.

What can I not put into my Saniflow?

The pipes on a saniflow unit are deliberately very small to allow the unit to operate at pressure, so everything which goes in needs to be small diameter. Avoid anything solid including wipes, sanitary towels, cotton wool, plastic, rubber and paper towels.

I am buying a house, how can I make sure the drains are in good working order?

Insist that the owner gives you proof that the drains are in good working order. You can also ask for a full drain survey with a report and video footage.

I am about to rent my property how can I make sure that my tenant doesn't put things down my drains which end up costing me to fix ?

The answer is unfortunately you can't. But you can get your drains cleaned and recorded before you rent it so you can prove that the drains were in good condition when they took over the tenancy.

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